Muscle Matcha

Muscle Matcha

Whether you're looking to lose body fat, increase energy levels or boost your metabolism, matcha is the natural superfood that can help your reach your fitness goals. Matcha is known for its distinctive green colour and its unique flavour. In its powdered green tea form, matcha is a sugar free way to fuel your body with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins in order to aid weight loss by burning calories and helping to promote lean muscle mass.

Made from 100% natural stone-ground tea leaves, matcha was the ancient superfood of choice for Japanese royalty, nobles and samurai warriors to strengthen the mind, body and soul. It was used alongside meditation to help keep a calm exterior while maintaining an alert mind and to prevent disease by detoxing and cleansing. Today, matcha is a popular nutritional aid or fitness training, by helping to detox the body while increasing energy levels and naturally promoting weight loss. True to its heritage, Muscle Matcha is made in Japan and crafted to deliver traditional and superior quality product.

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