Direct Art Australia

Direct Art Australia

Direct Art sells canvas art prints, oil paintings, metal art, outdoor art, sculptures, famous reproductions and custom artwork. 1000's of artworks!

Australia's Biggest Art Selection.

It has been estimated that we have the biggest available art selection in Australia. With over 3000 paintings and 10 size and frame options adding up to over 30,000 painting options! If you cannot find the painting you are looking for we will track it down and we can custom design an artwork for any space you need filled.

Excellent Customer Service

Our motto is 'Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations'. This motto guides our artists, framers and customer service team. We are available for inquiries 7 days a week and can be contacted by land line phone and emergency art situations 24 hours a day via mobile phone. You can contact us any time to check the status of your painting, change detail in an artwork or discuss your personal situation and art requirements.

  • Paintings
  • Rugs
  • Scultures
  • Prints
  • Metal art
  • and so much more...

Home and Garden
Men & Women
Custom art & portraits




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