Core Trainer

Core Trainer

Core Trainer is an apparel, lifestyle and fitness brand that strives to help women in their journey to beauty, strength and health. We are committed making womens lives better ensuring they look and feel good about themselves.

The Core Trainer product line include an extensive array of waist training and shape wear garments that fit the needs of every women. Whether your looking to get your waist back, start shrinking your torso, are a new mother, are beginning a fitness journey or looking for extra support in day to day life, Core Trainer has a waist trainer for everyone. Dedicated to providing the best quality waist trainers, the brand is known for its use of high quality fabrics and innovative waist training technology.

Extended categories include active wear, accessories and apparel, which are designed in house in the brands Sydney studio and are a natural evolution of the brands core values.

Take your workout habits and active-time routine a step higher and get your desired body shape quickly through the use of the Core Trainer waist training garment!

  • Activewear
  • Waist trainers
  • Butt lifters
  • Post pregnancywear
  • and so much more...

Sports and Fitness
Waist trainers
Butt lifter
Non latex
Post pregnancy

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