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tintinpoints is an exclusive point system available on tintinsdeals. It's super fun and super rewarding. Each tintinpoint gets you closer to a new gift voucher. Vouchers vary each month and will be arrayed on this page as they change and you will be able to choose which voucher you receive.

Redeemable amounts:

tintinpoints Reward
2,000 AU$20.00
3,000 AU$30.00
4,000 AU$40.00
5,000 AU$50.00
10,000 AU$200.00

So how do you earn these points? Your points are displayed on your profile. A trophy and level display will show your over-all accumulation, including any redeemed tintinpoints. Your total available tintinpoints will be displayed under your trophy. Earning tintinpoints can be done by many ways.

Rewarded actions:

tintinpoints Action
1 tintinpoint Using a coupon
1 tintinpoint Commenting
1 tintinpoint Per AU$1 spent †
50 tintinpoints Inviting a friend
100 tintinpoints Registering ‡
100 tintinpoints Updating avatar ‡

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To view the history of your tintinpoints, click here.

‡ Limited time only.

† In order to receive 1 tintinpoint per AU$1 spent, you must have clicked on the respective coupon first, and made sure that you allow cookies from clicking the coupon until making the purchase.

* tintinpoints repemption may take up to 24 hours to action your request. You will be notified of its status in your myPouch and upon success you will receive an email containing your e-voucher.



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